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Occurrence and Transformation of the Antidiabetic Metformin

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Tübingen, den 19. 3. 2018

The research group Environmental Analytical Chemistry lead by Professor Christian Zwiener (University of Tübingen) reports in their recent publication on new transformation products (TPs) of metformin, a most frequently applied drug worldwide.

The occurrence in wastewater, the fate and ecotoxic potential in surface waters can be better understood taking 3 new TPs and guanyl urea into consideration.

Unexpected high concentrations of guanyl urea in influents of a WWTP suggest further to date unknown sources of guanyl urea, since they cannot be explained by the amounts of metformin.

Further work will focus on the occurrence and fate of metformin and its transformation products in wastewater treatment and in environmental processes.

For more detailed information refer to:
Tisler, S. and C. Zwiener (2018). Formation and occurrence of transformation products of metformin in wastewater and surface water. Science of the Total Environment 628–629: 1121-1129.



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